Home Loan Interest Rates

  • Multiple Offers
  • Pan India
  • Rate Starts @ 8.50%


The interest rates for Home loan are calculated either on Fixed rate or Floating rate of interest. The type of interest to be charged is agreed before the loan disbursal and EMI are computed basis the agreed interest type. During the loan tenure, if borrower wish to change from Fixed ROI to Floating ROI or vice-a-versa, it is possible. Few Banks and NBFCs allows to switch, but post completion of minimum months or years as per loan terms and conditions. Lender might also charge borrower with loan switching fee, so do compute the charges before making a switch.

  • Fixed Interest Rates

    - The fixed rate of interest is charged throughout the loan tenure.

    - The Interest rate is constant and doesn’t fluctuate basis the bank or NBFC or RBI policy.

    - The EMI remains constant and since there will be no increment to EMI in any scenario, it’s easy to calculate and manage other expenses in long-run.

    - In volatile market scenario where RBI policy and bank rate increases and constantly keep changing. Fixed ROI helps with unchanging EMI helps with no impact on monthly expense.

    - Rate of interest starts from 8.50%* p.a.

  • Floating Interest Rates

    - The rate of interest agreed might change with change in bank or NBFC or RBI policy.

    - Applicant might be entitled for lower or higher ROI as per current rate applicable.

    - Few banks do not pass the lower ROI benefits. In case of reduction in ROI, you have to approach bank for benefit and subject to bank terms it might or might not extend benefit to existing customer. Benefits are extended only to new applicants.

    - The ROI for Floating rate is always lower than fixed rate of Interest.

    - Rate of interest starts from 8.50%* p.a.


  • Few Banks or NBFCs has preferential and concessional rates for Women. Lender extends 0.5 bps benefit to women applicant

Loan Amount

  • Lender has increment rate chart for higher loan amounts. Loan upto 25 to 30 lakh attracts the least interest and rates increases on higher slabs.

Salaried or Business

  • Nature of employment also attract the differential rates. Business / Self-employed gets a higher interest rate in comparision to salaried applicants. The salaried applicants get a fixed monthly earning and probability of yearly increments, whereas the risk associated with business / self-employed professionals are bit higher as income is related to several factors.

Type of interest rate

  • Floating rates attract lower interest rate as compared to fixed rate of interest

Credit Bureau Score

  • Financial history of individuals are captured and rated by several credit rating and bureau agencies. Lender uses this score to ascertain the risk involved. The higher and better the score, might help with rate benefits by selected lenders.

Home Loan usage

  • Loan for buying ready home or under construction property has standard rate of interest, whereas home loan for plot development or home improvements and renovations might attract higher ROI. Balance transfer home loan gives benefit of transferring existing loan to other lender at lower interest rate.