Education Loan

  • Multiple Offers
  • Pan India
  • Rate Starts @ 9.33%
  • Loans

Interest Rate

9.33%* P.a. Onwards


Starts At ₹ 1,034/Lakh

Processing Fees

Upto 1% Of Loan Amount

Loan Tenure

Upto 15 Years

Pre-pay Charges

Zero Charges

Pre-closure Charges

Zero Charges

Loan Funding

100% Expenses Covered

Emi Waiver

EMI Post Course Completion

Education Loan

While the progressively increasing demand of better education and higher education, it is seemingly not possible for each and every individual to afford the cost of it. Parents or the students who are self-financing their education dream, often find it difficult to finance their studies and at that time, Education loan works wonder. A classic example of unsecured loan with lower rate of interest is Education loan. It does not require any security against the money borrowed up-to certain loan amount, mostly up-to 7.5 lakh as per respective lenders policy. Education loan between 4 to 7.5 lakh are extended without collateral and only the guarantor details are required, the requirement will vary as per respective lender policy. Compared to usual loans, Education Loan usually has interest rates low and tenure higher. The repayments doesn’t start immediately, it starts after 6 to 12 months; when the course that student has enrolled for is completed. The moratorium period up-to 12 months is the time given for searching the job and assisting students to earn to repay the loan. However, never to miss the fact, that if the student who is applying for the course is just going to study, they always would need the co-applicant for their loan.

With various banks and NBFC i.e. all the financial institutions, the loan procedure is pretty much similar. Starting from the last major education qualification marks to the new course what student wants to peruse, actual tuition cost of the course, living expense in not in home city, extra expenses that are to be encored with the studies, if any entrance exam required for that course, Study with-in the country or overseas, job guarantee or possibility after the course completion etc is checked. According to that, the loan amount is decided.

Indian government has started an initiative and launched a website on 15th August 2015 called “Vidyalakshmi” for Student Education Loan. Three Major banks that are providing loans are SBI, IDBI Bank, and Bank of India with their integrated systems. It has been developed under Department of Financial Services, Department of Higher Education and Indian Bank Associations (IBA). “Vidyasaarthi” is a portal that has been started to help the student who seek scholarship for studies across the country and abroad.

  • Geographical bifurcation

    The most common bifurcation by the lenders to identify the type of loan –

    Study India loans / Domestic Course Loans

    - Student loan provided for courses studied in India. The institute and course type if serviceable by lender, the loan will be extended to applicants

    Study Abroad / Overseas courses loan / International loans

    - Students travelling outside of India for further studies. Loan cover several cost like tution fee, stay expenses, library and other fees

  • Course bifurcation

    Other differentiator for loans to students are course type –

    Under-graduate Courses Loan

    - Loan provided for completion of degree courses of 3-4 years

    Graduate Loans

    - Loan provided for completion of degree courses of 3-4 years

    Career Courses Loans

    - Loan for specific career developments, training or diploma courses