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Spoctree takes this opportunity to help all the students who want to persuade their studies further and are wanting to apply for the loan to fulfill their dreams. We help them understand which loan would suit them the best and what all can be tailor made for them. Starting from the principal amount of the loan, to rate of interest, tenure, better availability, paper work involved etc. All can be summarized and the calculator will help them finalize which is the Best Education Loan for them post the results.

Spoctree helps compare top financial institutions for all those students and parents who usually get confused to pick from the two or three best offers that may seem the best fit. It then becomes a difficult task to calculate as not all terms are understood and one would not want to compromise in getting the best they want. So, Got a problem choosing which loan will suit the best? Do not worry! We are here to choose better than the best for you!

Education Loan Checklist

Rate of Interest

Interest rate starts 9.33%* p.a.

Processing Fee & Charges

Upto 2% of loan amount

Covered Expenses

Tuition & Library Fees, Books, Etc.

Loan Eligibility

Factor determining your loan eligibility.

Courses and University

Varies as per Lender Policy

Loan Approval TAT

Get loan sanction in 1 day

EMI Schedule

Understand the loan amount bifurcation


ID Proof, Address, Admission Letter, Etc.

  • Avanse

    1 Day*
    Loan Sanction
    100%* Finance
    Incl. Tution, Living, Visa, Etc.
    Apply Now
  • HDFC Credila

    Tax Benefits
    Under Section 80(E)
    100%* Finance
    Incl. Tution, Living, Visa, Etc.
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Education Loan Offerings

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