Education Loan Eligibility Calculator

  • Multiple Offers
  • Pan India
  • Rate Starts @ 9.33%


Education Finance is though easily available and in lower interest rate, one should not take it’s advantage. There are several students those who are wanting to avail that and are not able to get it because of various reasons, the one specific at times is not fitting into the eligibility criteria decided by any of the financial institution’s requirement list that is prefixed.

There are various eligibility criteria for students and the co-applicants that are set and standardized. As discussed, right starting from previous academics to University where the student wants to apply, all creditability are checked. The co-applicant like in all loans, may be self-employed or salaried and could be a parent, Sibling or a relative with steady source of income. Annual Income of the co-applicant, Age, Work Experience, Educational Qualification, resident verification of the co-applicant are checked by the financial institution.


  • The course you applying and university opted for, should be approved or recognised or doable as per financier guideline.

Course Fees

  • One of most important factors is the Course fee. You will not get a loan amount more than actual cost of Course fee + other inclusions as per bank policy.

Existing Loan and EMIs

  • Existing Loans or EMIs running, gets accounted and reduces loan eligibility.


  • Scorecards & Marksheets ensuring good educational records.


  • Only Indian nationals can avail the loan facility.


  • Maximum tenure can be 15 years.


  • Minimum 18 years to Max. 65 years*. Lower your age, higher the tenure you can opt for. Factor here is repayment of loan should be done before your retirement age.


  • Financial stability of Co-applicant is mandatory.

Guarantor’s Income

  • Stable monthly or yearly income along with fixed variables if any. Income is the key component.

Guarantor’s Work Stability

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in case of salaried and 3 years of Business continuity for Self Employed.

Credit History

  • Your and your guarantor’s repayment history, present credit score as per bureau and default flags if any; all account in determining Loan amount eligibility.