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What is Demat Account?

Earlier the shares of company were traded in physical format. From 1996 the electronic storage and trading of shares were initiated. SEBI in April 2019 has made it mandatory to convert all physical shares in an electronic depository. The electronic depository account which stores the shares and investments of individuals is termed as Demat account. In India the electronic depositories institutions are NSDL – National Securities Depository Limited and CSDL – Central Securities Depository Limited. An Individual need not apply to NSDL or CSDL directly, they can open an account with their Banks or Broker easily. Spoctree helps you open a Demat + Trading account at ease.

Spoctree helps investors with Free Demat Account opening and lowest delivery charges on Trade of Equity for Lifetime.

Stock Market Investment Options

Invest in IPOs

Invest in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Mutual Funds & Bonds

Buy or Sell MFs & Bonds


Trade in Forex / Foreign Currency


Trade in Future and Options segment

Trade in Equity

Buy or Sell Stocks or Shares listed on BSE / NSE directly


Invest in F&O of Agriculture, Minerals and precious metals


Depository for Online gold certificate purchases

Many More

Government Securities & NCDS – Non-Convertible debentures

Demat Account with Spoctree Partners

100% Free Demat account

No Account opening fee

InDepth Research & Analysis

Expert report on market trends

Daily Reports

Account activities mailed on daily basis

Get Active Trade Alerts

Email, SMS or Notification alerts

Paperless account opening

Open instant online account

2 in 1 accounts

Hassle free Demat + Trading account

User friendly portal & Apps

Amazing UI/UX experience and easy to buy or sell

Access to Multi-Exchan height-8ge

Trade in Equity, Currency, commodity, F&Os

Self Help webinars

Learn the market trends and methods

DIY training Videos

Learn the application usage and Demos

Trade from Anywhere

Ease of access anywhere and anytime

Dedicated Support team

Online chat support or call assistance

Individual can open a Demat and trading account with Full-service broker or Discount broker. The selection of broker depends on usage and requirement of investor. We have cover more insights on this on our Account type Compare page.

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